The Upper Eden Neighbourhood Plan was approved at a local referendum on Thursday 7th March 2013 by a vote as follows:

Total Number of Votes Cast 1452

Yes votes 1310

No votes 138

Spoilt votes 4

Turnout 33.67%

Percentage of those who voted in favour 90.22%.

Eden District Council now must make the Neighbourhood Plan a Statutory Document which it can do by deciding if there have been any changes to European or Human Rights legislation which would make the plan illegal since the Decision Statement of the 8th January 2013. This decision will be taken by the Council at its meeting on the 11th April.

The Upper Eden Neighbourhood Development Plan is available here. UENDP Referendum Version.

The Examiner’s Report is available here Examiner’s Report.  Our thanks to John Glester for his work in examining the Plan.  He recommended two changes to the Plan and that with those it should proceed to referendum.

Eden District Council’s Executive Report and the Decision Statement are available here; EDC Executive Report 8Jan13 UENDPEDC Decision Statement.


Project Background:  The Upper Eden Community Plan group (UECP) has been chosen as a ‘Big Society’ Vanguard and; one of the projects we are progressing is a Neighbourhood Plan for the Upper Eden Area.  The Localism Act 2011 gave communities the opportunity to prepare planning policies (a Neighbourhood Plan) and have them adopted by the District Council as Statutory Policy provided they meet two basic criteria:

  • That they fit within higher strategic policies
  • That they are approved by a simple majority of the community in a local referendum

The Government has decided to support the UECP in its preparation of some new planning policies and the policy themes that we have indicated as being priorities are:

  • Housing that is affordable and suitable for local people in rural areas
  • Housing on farms and for rural businesses
  • Housing for the elderly
  • Housing densities that are suitable for the area
  • Helping to deliver Broadband Internet Access through planning policy
  • Monitoring and managing development to prevent over-development

2011 Issues and Consultation Neighbourhood Development Plan:  In 2011 an initial consultation was undertaken with our local Parishes, and with stakeholders, such as the Health Centre, the Upper Eden Futures, the County and District Councils, and other statutory consultees to develop planning policies that meet the needs of the Upper Eden Area, both for now and the foreseeable future.

The findings of the 2011 survey were compiled and reviewed.  The proposed policies, subsequent comments and additional input have been brought together in the revised 2012 Upper Eden Neighbourhood Development Plan (Draft Proposal).

2012 Neighbourhood Development Plan (Draft Proposal):   Formally launching on Monday 28th May 2012, and running for a period of six weeks the attached draft proposal was put forward for comment and review by Upper Eden residents, businesses and statutory bodies.

2012 Neighbourhood Development Plan (Examination Version):  Following the six week statutory consultation period and taking into account the representations made, and Examination Version of the Upper Eden Neighbourhood Plan Proposal has been prepared and submitted to Eden District Council.  This is published together with all the background documents (below) on this website.  As required by the 2012 Neighbourhood Planning Regulations 2012, these consist of: A Basic Conditions Statement which contains

  • A Plan and Statement identifying the area for the Neighbourhood Development Plan and
  • The Proposed Neighbourhood Development Plan and
  • A Consultation Statement

The Appendices to these documents contain all the background documents relating to the preparation of the Upper Eden NDP.

Eden District Council is now required to publish details of the plan, where it can be inspected, how to make representations and receive notification of the Council’s decision relating to the NDP and, the date by which representations must be received.  All this information can be found here.

Other Background documents

“The Upper Eden Neighbourhood Plan is an extraordinary project – a way of allowing communities to shape their future. It is a unique opportunity for communities to decide how they want their landscape to look, what kind of houses they need, and how they want the community and parish to develop. It takes power from the centre, and gives it back to local people – who know and care so much for their own community and area.  Tom Woof and his team have done a brilliant job, leading, engaging with the public and working through the government. They have been true pioneers – national champions. I’m delighted that they have come this far. I’d really encourage every parishioner who is represented by the Plan to engage and submit a feedback survey form”.

Rory Stewart MP for Penrith and the Borders

At the end of the publication period and the Examination it will be subject to a community referendum later this year. This is intended to be 29th November 2012.

How to contact the Upper Eden Neighbourhood Development Plan Team

Upper Eden Neighbourhood Plan

c/o Local Links,  Vicarage Lane, Kirkby Stephen, CA17 4QX


Neighbourhood Area Application:   Eden District Council approved the Neighbourhood Area Designation Application on 16th August 2012.  The papers relating to this application and designation are available in Appendix 4 of the Basic Conditions Statement.